B2B Guide: Business to Business or Back to Basics

14 May 2021

Rachie McCarthy

1 min


As someone who hasn’t been in the Marketing world for very long, this B2B Guide might come in handy. It can be a little daunting to hear all of the jargon thrown about. It can almost seem like another language, so why not approach it the same way you would a French or Spanish class: revision and practice. Not only read the words and learn their meaning, but use them as often as you can in the right context.

Once you start to understand exactly what it is you’re saying, you’d be surprised by how naturally and frequently you use the word learned. However, it can be quite taxing, and irritating, having to search each term as you hear them and try to quickly shove it into a space in your head before the next confusing word comes along.

Enter this B2B Guide. This book is filled with often used B2B terms and phrases that should help to build a basic foundation with which to start your B2B Marketing journey. Now if you think I am purely handing this over for philanthropic reasons, you would be mistaken. In fact, I will probably be the person using it the most. But they say sharing is caring, and if I can help just one person not get confused between CTR, CTA and ICP then I will endeavour to do my absolute best.

Remember to read this B2B Guide closely, as next week I will be posting some B2B Marketing based riddles. All of the answers can be found in the survival guide, so make sure to memorise some jargon! Don’t worry if you don’t get them all right, this book isn’t going anywhere so you (and I) can always come back to it and revise some more. Happy reading!

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