Cold Calling in B2B: it’s time to heat things up

29 May 2022

Rachie McCarthy

2 mins


We’ve waved goodbye to many aspects and techniques in B2B marketing over the years. We’ve waved goodbye to trade magazines and hello to LinkedIn ads. Farewells were said to email chains (thank God) as we waved hello to newsletters. But one technique that has (so far) stood the test of time is, you guessed it, cold calling. I’ve seen on social media a couple of people from the B2B world questioning whether cold calling is still an effective B2B technique in 2022, and I very much think the answer is yes. But why could some people be wishing it go out of style?

Now, let’s first define what cold calling actually is. Unlike what the name would suggest, it doesn’t just mean calling people. Cold calling refers to the practice of contacting people who not only have had no exposure to your brand before but have also shown little to no interest in the services you offer. Now on top of calling people, cold calling can also refer to other means of contact, such as email or direct messaging on social media sites. Now I know in the past I have repeatedly said how important it is to research your leads, so you only engage with valuable ones, and that still applies to cold calling too. There is still no point in engaging with a brand-new person if you don’t think your services will benefit them somehow.

But what are the benefits of cold calling over other techniques? I mean, the first obvious reason is that it pulls in fresh new leads. But as you research the best people to start contacting, you’re consistently building up an excellent idea of your target audience. Target audiences change frequently, based on the issues presented to companies as the world evolves around them. Every time you look into the best people to cold call, you’re gaining a better understanding of what your own goals should be in relation to potential future clients.

Cold calling is also a great way to test out what selling techniques work for your agency and what don’t. If you send out 500 to brand new contacts and get no clicks or responses, you might want to take a step back and evaluate what you can change about your tactics to improve. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to build up sales skills within your company. B2B marketing is all about showcasing how you can help businesses’ problems, but it’s can be kinda hard to believe when you’re too scared to pick up a phone and call a potential invaluable lead. I myself have been overcoming my fear of talking to strangers on the phone through my growing B2B sales skills. It also humanises your company to potential leads when they know they are chatting to an actual person, and not a chatbot. Trust me, it will definitely benefit your company in the long run.

One of the sexiest reasons why cold calling should stick around as part of your B2B marketing strategy is how cost-effective it is. Whilst you may have to pay for the method of contacting (e.g. email software or LinkedIn InMail’s), overall it works out extremely cheap for the amount of contacting you’ll be doing through them. In the end, even if out of 200 calls you only generate one interested lead, it still works out as both cost-effective and extremely valuable for your B2B strategy.

Now this is not all to say you should use cold calling as the only way to gather more leads for your business, more that it remains just one of the many effective cogs in your overall marketing strategy. Some may think cold calling is dying out – but they’re just not doing it right. Pay attention to the time of day and how you’re approaching the individual. Make your approach just as tailored as your message and you increase your chance of a response exponentially. Good luck!

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