What’s on the Outside Counts: how to create a great B2B site

12 April 2022

Rachie McCarthy

3 mins


A few months ago (8, to be exact) the Stone2Stone brand was completely transformed. This week, it happened again on an even larger scale. But why have we done this? What does it achieve? It’s certainly not just because it looks pretty (although that certainly doesn’t hurt!). There is a method to our madness, and a method to having a good B2B website. Let’s talk about why we did what we did, and how the look of your website can enhance your B2B strategy overall.

Now the first thing you’ll notice when going onto any website, be it a B2B marketing website or consumer based site, is the visual design of it. Every website needs to be visually appealing or else a person won’t be drawn into reading more of the information it has to offer. However, when it comes to website design, B2B and B2C could not be more different. B2C is usually more colourful, image based and filled with content than B2B. They are trying to attract your attention to products as quickly as possible, and will usually show ads that lead to other pages of their site so as to redirect that attention back to them in case it’s starting to wane. In comparison, when it comes to a B2B website, you don’t want to distract from anything other than the message you are trying to get across. Using more minimalistic imagery and layout allows visitors to your site to calmly focus on each message on your site, without their attention straying or getting overwhelmed by a clutter of things going on simultaeneously.

The second crucial thing to include on a good B2B website is content. To be a little more specific, content that highlights what you offer potential clients. It’s all fine and dandy talking about the great services your business is known for, but without providing proof of this, all the lead has to go by is pretty words. And amongst the crowd of agencies all saying the same pretty words over and over again, you’re significantly less likely to stand out unless you show as well as tell. If you tell people coming on to your site that you create websites and form fantastic social media campaigns, prove to them that it’s true. This can be done through case studies, blogs, white papers and more. And as well as showing the content you have done in the past, you’re also demonstrating your ability to write a good case study, blog etc. which potential leads might be interested in.

Now let’s take a deeper look into messaging. I’ve mentioned how you don’t want to distract from the clear messages your brand is trying to get across, but what are those messages? Well, we’re in B2B, which is less about how awesome we are, and more about how we can help you achieve awesome things for your own business (to simplify it a tad). Now you definitely want to appear unique, knowledgeable and a good choice to go with as an agency, however non-stop bragging about yourselves won’t endear you to a lot of leads. This is because people aren’t there to hear about how well your agency works or how many successful campaigns you’ve run. Use that as your proof of how effective a service is in helping them. Tell them what you’ll do to meet their specific needs, using less me me me words and more you and yours. For example, if I say ‘We’re the best agency for all B2B needs’ and compare it to ‘We’re the best B2B agency to meet all of your needs’ can you see which sounds more inviting to a potential client?

Last but not least, and I have a feeling you know what I’m going to say so I won’t drone on too much, SEO. Every B2B website is only as good as its SEO. Optimising your site well will showcase you as a leading authority in the B2B marketing world, therefore making leads more likely to delve deeper into your business as a viable solution. Draw those leads in with your SEO, then by putting together the previous points I’ve mentioned your B2B website will be better than ever.

So there you have it. A great B2B website is only the sum of its parts. Ensure you have covered every area and you’re good to go! So how did Stone2Stone do? Take a walk around our new and improved website and you just might get a little inspiration. Good luck!

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