From Pulling Pints to Pitching Campaigns: my introduction to marketing

07 May 2021

Rachie McCarthy

3 mins


As much as I would love to pretend that I have been a titan in the marketing world for the past decade, honing my craft and teaching newcomers the tools of the trade, I have always been a rather atrocious liar. The truth is a lot less glamorous and a lot more confusing unfortunately. Up until a few weeks ago in fact, the idea of being able to work in marketing didn’t seem like a possibility. And yet here we are. This is how I got the chance to work as an Account Executive for Stone2Stone and begin my introduction to marketing.

My first career dream died when I was at college. I loved biology and adored whales so it had always been the plan to be a marine biologist; then in swift succession I discovered my heart attack inducing phobia of open water and failed my biology AS exam. Luckily for me, I had simultaneously discovered my love of writing and had been cultivating it slowly with optional creative writing courses at school. It then only made sense from there to continue writing at university, which turned into doing a BA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.(My introduction to marketing wouldn’t be for a while, but little did I know how much my writing would come in handy).

Throughout my creative writing course, I learned how to write in a variety of mediums. I also learned that my new dream of being a novelist would also die a death as I simply get bored of my own work if it goes on for too long (others would likely get bored after page 300 too). In my first year we even did some practice with writing copy, much like the kind my new role offers at Stone2Stone.

Once I had graduated, I quickly decided the best course of action would be to get a regular 9-5 office job and try to write during my off hours. Much easier said than done. I ended up working receptionist roles on a temporary basis whilst going home every day to a solid mass of writer’s block. This is when I realised my mistake. It wasn’t that I had to find a job where I could write out of office hours, but instead find one where I could write within office hours. Enter my sister, who had been suggesting an introduction to Marketing to me for years. I had always brushed it off – what did I know about Marketing? And yet it is true that everybody has to start somewhere, so why not start somewhere new and interesting? Then 2020 happened.

Suffice to say it threw everyone’s lives and plans upside down, then sideways, then straight into a rubbish tip. When the first UK lockdown was just beginning to ease, I applied to every single job that I could find. The idea was based on finances, not happiness or a solid career path. Not to say the pub wasn’t fun, but it’s hardly living the dream. Although there were a lot of adorable dogs. And I mean a lot. Whilst I was serving pints and petting puppies my sister, the very same one who had been suggesting a Marketing career for years, began working as the receptionist of a shared office space, and we all know how people love to chat to receptionists. One day, a lovely coffee and tennis addicted Managing Director asked her if she knew anyone with writing experience, and reluctantly she put my name forth. She informed me that it was for a B2B Marketing company, and a previously un-adventured path was lit up in my mind. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity without truly knowing what I was in store for.

I was nervous to say the least, knowing little about B2B Marketing Strategies and Campaigns, but that didn’t stop my love for learning something new. And wouldn’t you know it, on my very first day I was given the opportunity to write. One week in and my mind is already full to bursting with new B2B Marketing jargon, research and ideas, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. It helps that I have two very good, albeit very snarky teachers in David and Sam, and the rest of the dedicated team behind Stone2Stone to help me. They’ve even taken the time to pay for some LinkedIn and Hubspot courses in order to transform me into that Marketing Titan I spoke of. Eventually.

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