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12 Days of Christmas

An easy-to-use interactive Christmas calendar informing customers about CSI and IBM’s solutions through the magic of Santa’s Workshop.

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287 Correct Answers

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12 days of christmas 1

The Challenge

To create an informative series of videos about who CSI, and IBM, are and how their solutions can benefit customers in a visually stimulating medium.

12 days of christmas 2

The Target

Potential Customers With Great Christmas Elf Skills That Would Benefit From CSI’s Managed Support And Cloud Services.

12 days of christmas 3

The Solution

The creation of 12 short form videos presented by experts from CSI and IBM, educating viewers in a conversational manner on their services from power servers to hybrid cloud solutions.

12 days of christmas 4

The Outcome

A fun, interactive 12 Days of Christmas calendar filled with informational videos with a corresponding quiz to win a variety of amazing prizes.

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