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7 Resolutions

A series of videos and corresponding ‘resolutions’ informing viewers about how ECI’s services can transform their business in a visually stimulating environment. New Year, better security!

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7-Resolution 1

The Challenge

To create an engaging way to encourage new users to utilise ECI’s services going into 2022.

7-Resolution 2

The Target

Potential customers whose companies would benefit from Eci’s managed IT, cybersecurity and transformation services.

7-Resolution 3

The Solution

The creation of 7 ‘resolutions’ each demonstrating a benefit of ECI’s services, with a corresponding video hosted by ECI experts engaging in conversation.

7-Resolution 4

The Outcome

A visually engaging series of interesting tech ‘resolutions’ backed up by videos hosted by experts from ECI, discussing why each resolution is so beneficial to customers – and why they don’t need to make their own resolutions this year!

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