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Grounds For Security

A 7 week coffee break series on cyber security for CDW. Comprised of a dedicated portal filled with white papers, videos and Q&As.

7 Weekly Video Sessions

300 Registrations

28 Dedicated Leads

CDW Grounds For Security

The Challenge

To give customers a thorough understanding of all the secure cloud solutions CDW offers in a unique, engaging way, from the experts themselves.

CDW Grounds For Security

The Target

Potential users of CDW cyber security solutions, along with those that are already customers but would like to find out more about all they can offer.

CDW Grounds For Security

The Solution

The creation of a series of virtual coffee breaks over 7 weeks, each one led by a cloud security expert. Each watched video resulted in a stamp, with 5 stamps leading to a coffee hamper and invitation to a virtual coffee experience (complete with an expert barista!).

The Outcome

An influx of registrations from net new potential customers, along with established ones too.

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