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Tactical Selling

2 separate Highly engaging, bold campaigns made up of niche posters sent to targeted personnel on behalf of ForcePoint and ECI.

30 Organisations Identified

45 Individuals Targeted

28 Leads Generated

Forcepoint Tactical Selling

The Challenge

Stone2Stone were tasked by our clients ForcePoint and ECI to identify ideal potential targets from within specific sectors and to create a thought provoking, memorable engagement.

Forcepoint Tactical Selling

The Target

Valuable potential leads were identified and researched from the key organisations in the specific sectors requested.

Forcepoint Tactical Selling

The Solution

Identify key individuals from chosen organisations and carry out in depth intel gathering on said targets. Design, write copy and create a spoof bespoke poster featuring the target in a setting that fits their interests, delivered both physically and digitally.

Forcepoint Tactical Selling

The Outcome

Fulfilment and deployment of a total of 45 individual assets by recorded delivery, followed up with a personalised letter. They were also sent the same posters digitally, generating quality leads for ForcePoint and ECI, respectively.

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