ABM for B2B Companies

Focus on personalised and tailored marketing efforts that are directed at specific key accounts or a few target companies.


Ensure that your brand will gain maximum visibility and engagement across all your digital platforms.


1:1 ABM


Identify and prioritise high-value target accounts based on factors such as revenue potential, fit with your ideal customer profile, and strategic importance. This involves data analysis and market research.


1:Many ABM


Develop tailored content and messaging that speaks to the needs and challenges of specific targets. This may include creating industry-specific case studies, white-papers, videos, and more that resonate with each account's decision-makers.

multi touch

Multi-Touch Campaigns


Design and execute multi-touch ABM campaigns that span various channels, such as email, social media, targeted advertising, and direct mail. Ensure consistent messaging and coordinated touch-points to engage accounts.

sails and marketing

Sales and Marketing Alignment


Facilitate better collaboration between sales and marketing teams by establishing clear communication channels, shared goals, and lead handoff processes. This aims to ensure seamless coordination between both teams to maximise ABM effectiveness.


Personalised Outreach


Craft outreach strategies for each target account, involving direct engagement with key stakeholders through emails, social interactions, and relevant content. This approach helps build meaningful relationships and drive account engagement.


Measurement and Reporting


Develop a comprehensive system to measure the effectiveness of your ABM efforts. Track metrics such as engagement rates, pipeline contribution, deal velocity, and revenue generated from target accounts.

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