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Forged Coins


Stone2Stone worked with Abacus to create messaging highlighting how working in partnership with newly acquired cyber security business Gotham Security, in-house penetration testing can provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses.

The Challenge

To develop a campaign highlighting the potential of this recent acquisition, in bolstering cybersecurity defences proactively, prior to any cyber-attack whilst highlighting this new partnership.

The Target

New, potential and existing Abacus and Gotham Security customers.

The Solution

A co-branded bespoke metal coin displayed both the Abacus and Gotham Security logos and packaged in an engaging A5 booklet and mailed to 119 identified individuals accompanied by teaser emails and a landing page.

The Outcome

A campaign that successfully attracted 15 new customer opportunities, while also bringing back two returning customers, consolidating the customer base and driving business growth.

The Results

  • 119 Targets Identified
  • 15 New Customer Opportunities
  • 2 Returning Customers

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