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7 Resolutions

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A series of videos and corresponding ‘resolutions’ informing viewers about how ECI’s services can transform their business in a visually stimulating environment. New Year, better security!

The Challenge

To create an engaging way to encourage new users to utilise ECI’s services going into 2022.

The Target

Potential customers whose companies would benefit from ECI’s managed IT, cybersecurity and transformation services.

The Solution

The creation of 7 ‘resolutions’ each demonstrating a benefit of ECI’s services, with a corresponding video hosted by ECI experts engaging in conversation.

The Outcome

A visually engaging series of interesting tech ‘resolutions’ backed up by videos hosted by experts from ECI, discussing why each resolution is so beneficial to customers – and why they don’t need to make their own resolutions this year!

The Results

  • 292 Unique Visitors
  • 481 video views

50+ clients who are pushing the limits of B2B Lead Generation